The Gift Collective

Our story

The Gift Collective is a modern and personal approach to gift giving. We connect your friends and family to the things you truly want...

Our 'Why'

We’re inspired to deliver you the perfect gift - one you will love and never forget.

What is The Gift Collective

Our platform inspires your friends and family to unite in giving you your perfect gift.

How does it Work

Your gift is transformed into a Gift Puzzle™ so friends and family can buy pieces - together giving the money needed for your perfect gift.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We're inspired to deliver you the perfect gift - one you will love and never forget.

Our Mission

To inspire you to choose your perfect gift, to unite the love of friends and family who contribute together, and to create gifts that are cherished forever.

Our Values and Beliefs

The Beautiful: Every gift can be perfect.

The Bespoke: We’re all unique, your gift should be too.

The Belonging: The power of together makes giving, and gifts - better.

The Gift Collective: Connecting people and sharing their love.

Why use

The Gift

The Gift Collective is online, secure, personalised and fun. If you need another reason, then we’ll give you ten:

  1. You want the freedom to choose any gift you want, from any store, any brand, anywhere in the world.
  2. You want just one or two incredible gifts. They may be more expensive, but they’ll be with you for life.
  3. You don’t need, or want, to give, or receive, any more “stuff!”
  4. You want those who are giving towards a gift to really feel emotionally connected to, and a true part of, the gift they are giving.
  5. You have the best idea of what to give someone, but no other online service seems to be able to help you do this.
  6. You simply want to solve the problem and make it easy and fun for someone to contribute to your gift.
  7. Pink websites with doves holding blue bows in their beaks just isn’t really your style.
  8. You want everyone to be able to share in the joy it brings to give someone a gift they really, really want.
  9. The powers of the collective spend means everyone has the opportunity to get something they really want.
  10. You want to give and receive the world’s most luxurious yet personal gifts.



The Gift Collective team is continually establishing relationships with relevant premium partners.

If you desire a gift from a specific vendor or brand, then contact us so we can negotiate on your behalf.

Some of the current partners include:

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